Legion (dissolvedego) wrote,

I hella <3 The Moon!

I dreamt that humanity was a bit more advanced than it is today, and that the US had an active colony on the moon. A huge colony, with several cities spread out over a designated region on the moon's surface. The moon had become America's 51st state.

I had gotten the opportunity to travel there. There were space shuttles running between several major U.S. cities and the moon daily, like an airline into space. The shuttles had window seats, like planes... but they took off and landed vertically, using rockets for both. The seats were in rotating spherical frames that naturally rotated with gravity to ensure that the passengers were not upside down during landing.

The whole thing worked amazingly well. I watched the earth fade away through my window, experienced space and after a brief flight approached and landed on the moon.

During my stay I was escorted around as part of a tour group. Due to teraforming and advancements in technology we were able to walk on the surface with only a light suit, the thickness of an average jacket, and equally lightweight masks. The buildings and some entire regions of the city were pressurized and filled with oxygen so you could wear normal earth clothes.

The lunar city I spent time in was not crowded, but it was a legitimate city. They had running water and plumbing, electricity, internet (linked to earth), hospitals, shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, residential areas, vegetation which had either mutated or been engineered for the teraformed lunar climate, etc.

After a few days (this was a very long dream) I had fallen in love. I felt so amazed and proud to be human there... and I think everyone else felt it too. The 'lunar pride' was evident everywhere, and it wasn't a boastful, nationalistic thing... just purely human. People were so genuinely kind, helpful and generous on the moon. It was beautiful.

Another thing I loved about it was that it was so quiet. Acoustics were more familiar in the pressurized areas, though with less gravity most things were a lot less noisy. Drop something and it gently falls to the floor like a feather. But outside, especially in the 'wilderness', all you could hear was the sound of yourself breathing and moving in your suit. That combined with the sensation of being nearly weightless gave me this feeling of elated serenity.

To stand in a quiet city of excited and hopeful people, on land that was not layered with garbage and memories of conflict, tragedy and war. There was virtually no crime on the moon... there was little incentive or facilitation for criminal behavior. Everyone was there because they had chosen to be there.

I loved seeing the stars in the day time. I snapped a cell phone picture of my view of the earth in the sky from the lunar surface and posted it to my Facebook wall for all my 'Earth friends'.

At this point I decided I wanted to join the colony and move to the moon. I flew back to earth... this time in tandem with another shuttle which I was able to watch as it entered earth's atmosphere simultaneous to ours. I announced my plans to everyone, and daydreamed about the moon until I had the chance to fly back, which I did. I made three trips to the moon over the course of the dream, before my stupid alarm went off and woke me. =P
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