Legion (dissolvedego) wrote,

Hell dream

The first thing I remember is being in some strange place where there was a party, and a bizarre synth/organ instrument I'd never heard of which I began playing. I don't know where I was, but I knew I was far away from home... and that I was going to be returning home soon. I made some banter with others, a few people I know and some strangers. I remember joking "Wearing a mask is fake, unless the mask is made out of real human skin".

I noticed the organ had a phone line in it, and a VHS tape deck, and a number of other confusing things. Suddenly some guy came in looking frightened, he said he received a phone call, regarding the organ, and that they were demanding a huge sum of money for the unlicensed usage of it (by myself). Before I could say "This is ridiculous" silent men with guns and white and grey fabric wrapped around their bodies (including their faces) burst in and started taking shots at people. I was shot along the side of my head, and in the torso.

I passed out, and woke up at some kind of hospital. This is where it gets fuzzy, but for the rest of the dream I would constantly find myself in a new place, trying to escape/survive, wondering where I was and if there was anyone to help me.

There was a mysterious authority controlling all of this, the people in the white and grey fabric. Other people whispered about them, but nobody really understood what was going on any better than I did. Everyone had a theory, and rumors they had heard. Everyone wanted to escape... except for a few people I encountered who had given up hope and gone completely insane. Some people became very agitated, and were prone to fighting or even violence with other people. I saw someone I knew 6 years ago, but when I tried to talk to him I realized he had gone mad and it was dangerous to draw his attention to me, as heated conversation always drew the attention of 'them'.

This authority never manifested itself in a way that I could understand, at first it seemed foreign, and I wondered if I was in North Korea or something... then it began to seem like something entirely not of this world. They were mostly silent and never spoke to us directly, but they spoke minimally with each other in a language I could not understand.

I was constantly being moved from one bizarre place/facility to another, always separated from whoever I had been able to talk to in the previous place, eventually to be placed somewhere else with a different group of people. I was beaten, shot countless times, provided medical care (which often turned into horrifying medical experiments), forced to walk long distances from one place to another at gunpoint, offered slices of cake and other delicious looking food, etc.

At some point it seemed like it was never going to end. I was shuffled into a rail car system with a random group of people, and there was a recorded message in broken English saying something about how we were not constricted to the tracks and we were being taken to another planet where we would receive 'the care we needed'. The rail car thing hovered over the tracks and then turned toward the sky and accelerated so rapidly we had to hang on for our lives. I think a few people lost their grip and fell to their deaths. Then the experience continued on another planet.

We were constantly being corralled by armed guards or aliens or 'doctors' or whatever the hell they were. I regularly saw someone I recognized from my life when shuffled into a new environment... which was often someplace jovial, like a dance hall or a diner, where we were all left to 'mingle' for an unknown amount of time before they returned. They would leave, but they were always watching. We were excited and afraid to see someone we recognized, and spoke in whispers. You never knew what was going to anger 'them' and lead to getting dragged out, or beaten, shot or worse. I would see people I had spoken to earlier in the dream and been separated from, usually with new injuries and stories about where they had been, as with me.

It seemed like nobody was allowed to die. People I thought I saw killed would appear later in bandages, having been operated on like me. I was in bandages and suffering through most of the dream. This continued for so long... it seemed like days passed. Eventually it seemed like this was going to continue for eternity and I would never be allowed to return home. I was in hell.
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