Legion (dissolvedego) wrote,

One year ago today...

...we were surrounded by loved ones in celebration of our marriage, preparing for our honeymoon. It was the happiest time of our lives. Together we glowed in anticipation of the bright future we had made for ourselves, a profound triumph of faith and love over doubt and fear... the greatest day of my life.

It is my one year wedding anniversary, and here I am alone. A widower.

Instead of celebrating with my wife, I grapple with questions. Why did this happen? Were all the beautiful epiphanies we shared just projections of vain wishful thinking? How can such powerful love be so quickly undone? Does nothing mean anything at all? Why am I still here???

Questions with no answer, they just tear through my mind like glass shattering through echoing memories of her.

Never underestimate the universe's cruelty.
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