Legion (dissolvedego) wrote,

"it's going to be okay"

i've been hearing this for months.  so, when is it going to be okay?  when i no longer care about anything?  when my heart turns to charcoal?  when i die?  when the universe collapses in on itself and existence reaches equilibrium?   seriously... when the fuck is it going to be okay?  i'm tired of waiting.  no problem is resolved without newer and greater ones immediately following.  

i just want to relax.  i just want to take comfort in knowing that at least one or two important things are not likely to be taken from me at any moment.  i work so hard to fight back the tsunami of entropy to no avail.  i had strong coping mechanisms but their limits are nearly reached.  

i'm just trying to build a foundation for a better life, yet everything fails, breaks and corrodes and i'm left at square one.  am i doing something wrong or is this just how it is in this life?
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